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Pancake Supper

Creative activities are mingled with lots of friendly banter and chatter. 

Come For the Camaraderie

The Stitch and Chat group at Heritage United enjoys a wide spectrum of activities in the crafts movement.  The creative activities are easily mingled with lots of friendly banter and chatter. 
We meet on the second Monday of each month at 7:00 pm at the Church where we engage in good-willed fun and fellowship. 
The group brings together an eclectic mix of skills and interests which cross traditions and generations. Often, people bring along a craft project that they are presently working on. We learn from each other and take inspiration from the great variety of projects that are always in progress.
That said, some folk come just for the camaraderie and friendly atmosphere!

Our Community-Minded Outreach Activities

Pancake Supper

An annual delicious favourite held on Shrove Tuesday.

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Strawberry Social

Our Annual Strawberry Social features strawberries from Whittamore's farm located right next door! There is always some home baking to buy, our garden whimsy are always a big hit and of course strawberry shortcake is served. 

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Mistletoe Market

There are many wonderful crafters, both from our congregation and from the community, who come with things to sell at our annual Mistletoe Market. It's a unique shopping experience like none other.

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