Date: May 6, 2018

Much of our lives are characterized by the experience of waiting and transition. It might be waiting for the bus, for an appointment, for a visitor or for a holiday. Most of these waiting experiences are likely to be fulfilled in this life, we hope. But it is also true that the whole of life for every one of us is one long period of waiting and transition.

This week we hear about the Ascension, one of the major events in the history of Jesus, an event that is situated during a period of transition and waiting for disciples of Jesus. It occurs 40 days after Jesus’ resurrection from the dead and 10 days before Pentecost.

What were the disciples doing during this waiting time? I am sure normal life went on – eating, sleeping, meeting each other and maybe going to work. During out times of transition we too carry on with normal life as far as we can. But other things were also happening and these all related to the person of Jesus. And it was far from being a passive or unproductive time.

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