Let Thanksgiving Flow

Date: October 7, 2018

This week we celebrate what it means to be thankful. It is a wonderful thing to do gathered with family and friends. The question is how do we live in the spirit of thanksgiving?

Our reading this week from the Gospel of Luke is the story of the Good Samaritan. The story of a man who is beaten on the side of the road and left there to die. A priest passing by the man, avoids him by crossing to the other side. Certainly he could have named a number of things that he was thankful for even in same moment that he crossed over. So too for the Levite who also avoided the man. Maybe he was thankful for his status in life.

But their thanksgiving didn’t go anywhere beyond them. At least not in that moment when they both avoided the man injured on the side of the road. Their thanksgiving did not flow into the way they lived their lives.

Then we come to the Samaritan. What made the Samaritan compassionate, I wonder? Especially knowing that this man who was beaten on the side of the road would have been a Jewish man, a despised enemy of the Samaritans. What made him bandage this stranger’s wounds? What made him be that kind of neighbour?

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