Our Hearts Go Out

Date: November 4, 2018

This week we hear a part of the letter that one of the early teachers in the church, Paul, wrote to Jesus’ people in a city called Corinth. Here’s part of what he told them:

We all know who makes the seeds for the people who plant them, yes? It’s God. So, God makes the seeds and the grains grow and from the grains we can eat. In exactly the same way God makes the beginnings of everything that grows in you, of everything that you make. In that way, God helps you to have more than enough so you can share it.

When you share with generosity, when thanksgiving grows through you, you aren’t just supporting God’s people, you’re helping everyone else’s thanksgiving to grow—until it overflows! When you share what you have, serving Christ’s ministry, you are living Christ’s call—and your generosity will invite others’ generosity. Prayers will flow for you in celebration of God’s grace and love in your life.

So we thank God for this amazing gift!

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