Transforming Encounters

Date: May 5, 2019

If we were to really stop and think about it, sometimes this whole faith journey can seem a little strange and fantastic. Rational, logical sense making can leave us with nothing more than empty nets. It’s only when we are willing to cast our nets the way Jesus compels us to that we come up with a net full of flopping, silver, slippery faith. This week we meet the disciples out doing what they knew best, trying to catch fish. Yet, when Jesus comes along they do not recognize him at first. Could it be that their faith had been tested and they were uncomfortable with the places and situations they were now being called to? In the reading we hear from Acts, Ananias is called by God to go to a man who was a known murderer of those who followed Jesus. It surely didn’t make sense for Ananias to cast his faith nets on that side of life’s boat, but he did follow God’s instructions, and he fished out one of the greatest disciples and leaders of all time – Saul of Tarsus who would become the Apostle Paul. So, instead of standing around waiting and wondering could it be that we are to take our cue from Peter and go fishing? Drop a net in and let Jesus guide our hands and our hearts.

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