Never Give Up

Date: October 20, 2019

Have you ever felt like giving up? Throwing in the towel? Leaving the ministry or quitting the faith? In telling the parable of the persistent widow from Luke’s gospel Jesus acknowledges that quitting the journey is a real possibility. This week Jesus encourages us "always to pray and not give up." He tells a story about a persistent widow who importuned a corrupt judge. The judge’s status, his power, the pomp and ceremony of his lofty position – all have made him into a man who is unworthy of his calling. Yet the widow, who feels wronged and aggrieved, persists in her appeal to this judge. Eventually he relents.

She never gave up despite the many injustices she experienced at the hands of the judge who "neither feared God nor cared about men".

There's no mysterious meaning here. The parable is straightforward. Despite our feelings of fighting a losing battle, of supporting a losing cause, don't give up. Keep praying.

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