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Tenants of God’s Blessings

This week in Matthew’s gospel we find a story within a story. A parable of Jesus that leaves us asking all sorts of questions. Here Jesus tells of a vineyard owner who cared for and planted some grapes and waited to see what wonderful things would happen. There is a twist this time though which we know many good stories have. In the climax of the story Microsoft Word - Newsletter Oct 4 2020 v1

the vineyard isn’t simply left to wither away, but those who have been given the opportunity to tend the vineyard are found to be thieves and killers.

Then Jesus leaves the chief priests and elders to whom he is speaking with a question. What do they think the owner will do? Repay them? Get rid of them for good, and find someone who will do what they should have been doing in the first place?

It is a story with lots of twists and turns. With characters that we don’t like and morals that make us squirm. But it is also a story of the gifts that God gives to us to help us in this life. Safety nets for us to use so that our lives are the very best they can be. God provides grace upon grace upon grace.

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