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Vacation Bible School

Superheroes of the Bible

During our week long camp program in the summer of 2016, the kids learned about some awesome Superheroes of the Bible.


This included: 

  • Moses - "A Shy Shepherd Kicks Pharaoh's Butt"

  • David - "Young David Takes Down a Giant" 

  • Joshua - "Joshua Takes Down a Skyscraper" 

  • Elijah - "Elijah Takes on an Army" 

  • Daniel - "Daniel Chills a Bunch of Lions" 

We sang some fun camp songs, we acted out the stories, we illustrated them with crafts and we had fun outside with big group games. It was an awesome time. Watch for updates on this coming summer's camp. 

Captivating your child's imagination alongside Jesus with gatherings that are exciting, creative and most importantly, fun!

Kingdom Kids

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