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Moment of Clarity

Discovering What It Means To Find Life In Jesus

A Moment of Clarity

Date: February, 26, 2017

By: Rev. Lorrie Daly-Price

Matthew 17:1-9

Think about the significance of being in a place where something happens to you that becomes a kind of benchmark, a defining moment that you return to in your memory. Sometimes you can even literary see more and more how you have been changed by what happened there in that place. Sometimes you have the need to go back to that place because it is there that you find strength to go on. You have learned something there that changed you — changed the way you look at your lives. Some of us might experience that defining moment as a wonder or a kind of positive experience, a mountaintop experience. Here something happens that takes us by surprise by its sudden clarity and brilliance, and we experience something we’ve never experienced before, something that takes our breath away. This Sunday we hear the reading from Matthew’s gospel of Jesus and the disciples up on the mountaintop. There in that moment, as the disciples gather with Jesus, something happens that will become their moment of clarity.

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