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The season of Epiphany began with celebrating the gifts of the magi, it continued with God’s gift of grace, affirmed through Jesus’ baptism, and focuses this Sunday on God’s vocational gifts bestowed on each person for the sake of the community and their own personal fulfillment.This week we hear the story of Jesus’ transformation of water into wine from John’s gospel, a continuation of the theme of divine giftedness. We have callings for our lifetime and we also have calls for every situation. God’s vision long-term, local and momentary. On that particular day, Jesus’ calling was to bring joy to a couple and their family. There was no need that day for preaching, lecturing or even a healing touch; the need was for good wine and plenty of it! Each of our gifts and vocations emerge and flourish in real time, oriented toward real people, and real situations. Indeed, the miracle of the wedding feast suggests that we have many vocations and callings, each appropriate to our particular setting. This is good news that challenges us to stay awake to God’s particular vocational vision for each of us.


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