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Date: November 11, 2018

This Sunday we take time to remember all those who were called up for service. They may not have had a precise idea of what lay before them, but responded to the call to leave behind the security they knew to go and serve their country. For some there may have been a sense of anticipation of what lay before them, for others a strong sense of duty to be undertaken for their country and yet others perhaps a sense of anger. Whatever the reason they went. They gave their all.

Quite appropriate then that one of our readings for this Sunday ends with the words: “…she gave her all.”

In our reading this week from the Gospel of Mark, it's the nameless widow who's the extravagant benefactor. At the temple Jesus observed "many rich people" making large donations. In stark contrast, a poor widow's gift amounted to "only a fraction of a penny." But whereas the rich give out of the convenience of their surplus, said Jesus, "this poor widow has given more than all the others. They all gave out of their wealth; but she, out of her poverty, put in everything — all she had to live on.”

How do we give in comparison to this? How much do we sacrifice for the work of bringing health and hope and peace to the world? Now is the time to remember.

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