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In All That You Do

Date: July 21, 2019

The story we hear this week from Luke’s gospel is the story of Mary and Martha, two beloved friends of Jesus. We find Mary listening to Jesus, giving him her full attention. While Martha is busy about many things, feeling anxious and alienated from her sister. Martha is in need of a Sabbath. She needs to let go of perfection to welcome her friend. Yet, Martha is absolutely necessary to healthy spirituality and social concern: Martha gets things done!We need Martha’s in church and community. Mary is near to God, but there is the temptation that “she will be so heavenly minded that she is no earthly good.”

Mary and Martha together represent the fact that faith and works go together. We need, in our congregations, to nurture the Mary within the busy Marthas and encourage Martha to come forth in contemplative Marys.

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