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Come and See

Date: January 26, 2020

The reading this week from John’s Gospel describes the beginning of Jesus’ public ministry. Jesus begins the dialogue with John’s disciples with a question, “What are you looking for?” John’s disciples respond with, “Where are you staying?” In other words, “Where will we find what we are looking for?” And so they walk on, moving together in response to Jesus’ invitation, “Come and see.”

When we say to friends, family members and neighbours, “come and see,” we better have something to share that will change lives, our own and others. Jesus’ words call us to examine our ministries. What is our congregation’s gift to the larger world and to seekers waiting on the doorsteps? If we can provide bread for their journeys, then these seekers like Jesus’ first followers will respond with affirmation, “We have found the Messiah! We have found meaning and joy here!”

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