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Date: February 16, 2020

Our reading this week from Matthew’s gospel is one we might approach with a sense of trepidation and with deep certainty that we have a whole lot of questions.

For on the one hand, we know that our choices do matter. They shape our every day. On the other hand? Well, we know that so much has already been chosen for us. For by virtue of our birth place and opportunity, some choices have never been ours to make in the first place. And yet every moment of every day we have choices to make. Will we disregard the alarm clock and snuggle down under the blankets and enjoy more sleep? Will we continue to mindlessly eat the box of chocolates we got the other day for Valentine’s Day or set it aside for another day…or better yet share it with others? And these are the easy choices of course.

Indeed, most of the choices we are called to make in the day-to-day really do not seem like they are much about ‘choosing life,’ do they? Or do they? Perhaps they prepared us for the day when the choice we are offered will be monumental and life altering. This was the case for the disciples that Jesus spoke with that day. Our choices do matter. Sometimes we’ll get it right. Often we won’t. Either way, every day the gift and privilege and yes, the challenge, is to sort out what life looks right and to try to choose it.

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