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Waiting Is the Hardest Part

Date: March 29, 2020

Waiting for something to happen is one of the hardest task we all face. Waiting in line, waiting in traffic, waiting for a test result. Waiting is hard. The road to Easter is part of this waiting. As in so many times in life, we struggle before we arrive at our destination.

In the reading this week from John’s Gospel, Mary and Martha grieve the death of their dear brother Lazarus.

With that grieve comes loss, frustrations, questioning and lack of understanding by those closest to him. A delayed arrival to Bethany is not what they had expected from Jesus. If only he had come sooner. If only…

Jesus’ delay though is understandable from a purely defensive, logical stance. A trip through the area would make him vulnerable to his enemies. Yet, Jesus does set out anyway and when he arrives everything changes.

This week, two weeks before Easter, we have a foreshadowing that tells us that the Jesus story is a story of dying and rising. It’s a story of our own dying and our own rising. It’s about the life – our new life – that is possible, even after terrible loss.

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