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Discovering What It Means To Find Life In Jesus

Finding That Hope

Date: April 5, 2020

As Jesus approached Jerusalem on that first Palm Sunday, many people had gathered on the roadside to welcome him. Many of these had no doubt witnessed his healing, and listened to his preaching, but some perhaps were there to have a glimpse of this man who had been causing a stir by his radical teaching. As crowds go this would not have been much different from any other crowd then and ever since. John’s gospel specifically notes that many of the Jews who had witnessed the resurrection of Lazarus had followed Jesus to Jerusalem and were telling everyone what had happened. News had already arrived ahead of them, and so many in Jerusalem came out to meet him because they had heard about Lazarus. Why are these people rejoicing? Because the raising of Lazarus has given them hope. Hope imagines a better world, a better outcome, a different future.

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