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Differently Gifted

This week is Jesus’ parable of the talents found in Matthew‘s gospel. It is about the ways we use our gifts and resources. The Master congratulates and rewards the business savvy of two servants, while punishing the servant who holds onto his allotment, fearful of risk-taking. There is no need to punish judgment, and perhaps the third servant doesn’t deserve the rebuke he receives. Still, the times call out for risk-taking, that is, trusting God with the future and acting creatively and responsibly. Adventure can be risky but it can also be rewarding, opening to us new gifts and horizons of possibility.

Today‘s reading begs the questions: What prudent risks do we need to take as individuals and as a congregation? What would happen if we were awake to events and energies emerging in our current situation? It challenges us to speak out on behalf of the vulnerable, even if this may involve a degree of risk.

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