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Discovering What It Means To Find Life In Jesus

The Power of Love

This week we hear Jesus’ parable of the “sheep and the goats” from Matthew‘s gospel. A parable reminding us of our role in caring for the vulnerable, for when we do we are implicitly caring for God. God feels the pain of the vulnerable and the joy of their restoration to wholeness

The reminder today is straightforward, it seems to me. We will encounter Jesus in the ‘least of these’ — in the hungry and the thirsty. In the stranger and the naked and the sick and those in prison. Oh no, our faith is not only of the mind and of the heart, but is also for the hands and the feet. We live our faith in what we do. In those moments we become the face of Christ for another and in our times of need they become that for us.

Think of a time when you were confronted with great need. How were you able to see Jesus then? How did you respond?

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