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Two Cents Worth

On this Remembrance Day Sunday what do we have to offer back for those who sacrificed so much? Where does prayer, or communion or singing fit into desperate conflicts where two sides are reaching for weapons? We have our stories to offer. Stories that reveal a different vision of how things could be, are meant to be. Our story today comes from Mark’s gospel about a woman observed by Jesus.

This is the story about a widow and her two small copper coins. What is sacrifice really for her? What is the enemy for this poor widow? Jesus is aware of the decision makers in his day who work against God’s dream of a world of dignity for all. Jesus’

allies that are working for this dream, this vision, are unlikely people. The woman we read about today takes two coins and puts them both into the treasury. She then leaves the temple knowing that she has done what she felt called to do and that she has done the best she could.


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