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This week in our gospel reading from Luke we find Jesus in a village between Galilee and Samaria. He has met a group of ten people with leprosy who cry out to him for mercy. In their sickness, in their loneliness, in their poverty, they reached out for help. Jesus responded in a way that far exceeded anything they could ever have expected. Instead of tossing them a few coins or bit of food (things which might Microsoft Word - Oct 11 202 N...

   This week in Matthew’s gospel we find a story within a story. A parable of Jesus that leaves us asking all sorts of questions. Here Jesus tells of a vineyard owner who cared for and planted some grapes and waited to see what wonderful things would happen. There is a twist this time though which we know many good stories have. In the climax of the story Microsoft Word - Newsletter Oct 4 2020 v1

the vineyard isn’t simply left to...

The reading we hear this week from Matthew’s gospel challenges us to walk the talk. In the reading, one brother talked the talk, while the other brother walked the walk. Jesus asks, “which of the two did his father’s will?”

Today’s gospel is a short but powerful parable. To an audience of talkers, Jesus says that talk Microsoft Word - Newsletter Sep 27 2020

is cheap. Jesus is in the temple in Jerusalem and he has not come to find favour wit...

In our reading from Matthew’s Gospel, the teachers of the day had been blinded by the laws and traditions of the past. They were not prepared to open their eyes (and ears) to the new teachings that Jesus offers about the spiritual significance of the kingdom of heaven.

Jesus also presents a number of parables to show how things that are deemed small and insignificant can often make more of a difference than we ever consider them capable of...

In our reading this week from Matthew’s gospel we hear Jesus’ best-known instructions on forgiveness. When Peter asks how many times “another member of the church” is to be forgiven, Jesus insists that forgiving someone seven times is not adequate. The offending member must be forgiven 77 times. The number seems staggering but communicates clearly that forgiveness is to  be an essential part of Christian communal life.

To punctuate hi...

In Matthew 4:18-23 we hear Jesus calling to Peter and his brother Andrew to leave their lives and livelihood behind and to follow him as he will make them fishers of people.  In this dramatic reading, we hear these brothers reflect on their time spent following Jesus, and the laughter and understanding he brought to them, even amidst the turmoil and challenges of the day.

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