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Date: December 9, 2018

This week we draw our attention to one of the greatest events in all of our history. An event that changed the world, altered history and is still changing hearts and lives today. Present at such a world changing event you would expect to see Kings, princes and dignitaries but that is not the scene. Instead who are the first names to be on the guestbook? It was the names of ordinary shepherds.

Most likely these shepherds were tending their sheep just outside of Bethlehem. The shepherds would have taken turns keeping watch during the night. It was sometime during the evening that the angels appear. We don’t know what time of night it was. We have no record of the shepherds saying anything to the angels. All we know is that they were scared. Wouldn’t you be?

Yet, the shepherds responded to what they heard. It would be something they would never forget. Their lives would be changed forever by what they would see in Bethlehem.

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