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Discovering What It Means To Find Life In Jesus

I Have Many Things To Say To You

Date: June 16, 2019

This week our focus is on text from John’s Gospel. Here John speaks about how Jesus’ message is continued through the work of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Jesus reflecting his message and values. The Holy Spirit’s gifts are not found primarily in speaking in tongues and Pentecostal drama like we heard last week but in living in the way of Jesus. The question is how do we do that? How do we live in the way that Jesus lived? The answer to that comes in our welcoming, embracing, healing and nurturing presence to one another, the community and world around us. By living this way Jesus’ Spirit joins us with all creation, building bridges with diversity, inspiring us to creativity and mediating divine healing. I am certain that it requires a bit of patient listening on our part — but the inner voice of God’s Spirit is always there for us.

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