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Date: September 29, 2019

In Jesus’ day he would use stories to challenge the power and status of the religious elite. With just a few short lines of dialogue or common images of the time he would narrate what it means to live in the kingdom of God. Our reading this week from Luke’s gospel is Jesus’ response to being ridiculed by a particular group of Pharisees who are referred to as lovers of money. Jesus has much to say about money throughout the gospel of Luke. This week tells the story of an anonymous rich man and Lazarus, one of the only named characters in all of Jesus’ parables. Throughout the rich man’s life time he does not see Lazarus, a man who lies outside the gate of his home in desperate need. Lazarus was an individual with his own hopes and dreams but was overlooked. If the rich man had seen him, really seen him, then perhaps this story would have ended differently.

When have you not seen another? How was that oversight brought to your attention? When did you see another? And what did that seeing lead to?

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