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Into the Woods

Date: March 1, 2020

Temptation, confession, repentance, and forgiveness—or resisting temptation from the start? As we begin our Lenten journey these are the things that we are asked to think about. In our reading this week from Matthew’s gospel we learn that even the most intense temptations were resisted by Jesus.

In the wilderness, Jesus confronted the voices within. “Use your power for yourself!” the tempter urged. “Change these stones into bread, like Yahweh made manna in the desert!” “Show your power to those big shots in Jerusalem! Then come up the mountain, and I will show you all the kingdoms of the world. They can all be yours... if you worship me.”

Don’t think Jesus didn’t struggle hard against these thoughts. At that very moment, Roman soldiers were occupying his land. What aspiring king, president or politician could have turned down such an offer?

Resisting temptation is hard. When have you repented of a sinful act and found forgiveness? When have you found the support—of friends or family—to resist temptation?

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