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Extravagant Hospitality

Date: Sunday, June 29, 2020

In the reading this week from Matthew’s gospel we hear about the mission of the twelve disciples during Jesus’ life. They are placed in pairs and are given instructions on the message that they are to take to the communities. It’s not an easy message, but they are also offered the gifts that will allow them to bring healing within communities. Jesus encourages them to embrace the places where they are made welcome, and to shake the dust from their feet where they are not.

The world Jesus sends them to with the message is not an easy world. It’s a world where people wage war against one another, and their encounters will sometimes have them fleeing for refuge.

There is no equipment for the task, other than the clothes they wear, for they are to rely on the kindness of others. Then Jesus moves from addressing the disciples, and instead offers instruction for those who might welcome them. Those who arrive at the door, or into our lives, bringing the presence of Jesus are to be offered hospitality. Offering hospitality brings us into the community of Christ, inviting us to participate in the mission.

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