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Sow What?

This week’s reading comes from the Gospel of Matthew. From Matthew’s perspective, the judgment is near and people have one last chance to get their house in order. He is clear that there are consequences of actions and harsh penalties. These all might be at work here alongside the message of grace and the inclusive love of God.

The term used to describe the method of sowing in the time of Jesus was ‘broadcasting’. We are familiar with the term from radio, or television or mobile networks – it reaches everywhere. The term originated in this farming method, casting seed everywhere and it reached, like sound waves, a variety of places. Sound messages and images infiltrate places where they can be ignored, or partially listened to when other issues distract attention, or rivet attention to the message. Much relies upon the recipient, not the quality of the message. The sower’s broadcasting process was not an economically sound method of planting, perhaps this is the point Jesus is making. God is not bound by the rules and invests in the seed and invites the faithful to cast it around the world in the hope and trust that it will take root in some people.<iframe title="Sow What?" src="" height="122" width="100%" style="border: none;" scrolling="no" data-name="pb-iframe-player"></iframe>

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