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Moment of Clarity

Discovering What It Means To Find Life In Jesus

Stepping Out

This week’s reading from Matthew’s gospel begins with Jesus at prayer. After transforming a few loaves and fish into a banquet and a day of preaching and teaching, Jesus retires to a quiet place to commune with God. We too have opportunities to be still and listen for God’s voice in stillness, as well as in the commotion of daily life.

From silence Jesus goes into action, riding the waves to meet his followers. Once again, they are afraid of the storm. Jesus reassures them that all will be well, inspiring Peter to jump out of the boat. As long as Peter looks to Jesus, he can walk on water. The moment he is overcome with fear, he sinks.

Today's readings invite us to look to God for help and wholeness. When we keep our eyes on Jesus, we gain perspective on life and see the storms and trials of life in terms of God’s movement in our lives.

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