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Moment of Clarity

Discovering What It Means To Find Life In Jesus

Humble Beginnings

In our reading from Matthew’s Gospel, the teachers of the day had been blinded by the laws and traditions of the past. They were not prepared to open their eyes (and ears) to the new teachings that Jesus offers about the spiritual significance of the kingdom of heaven.

Jesus also presents a number of parables to show how things that are deemed small and insignificant can often make more of a difference than we ever consider them capable of. How many people in our congregations and communities make contributions of time and talent that we take for granted or fail to see the significance of?

Can the same be said of us? Are we often blinded to the opportunities of the future by the rose-tinted spectacles of the past? Do we need to re-focus and look ahead rather than closing our eyes and hoping that everything will stay the same?

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