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This week we have a number of key scripture readings. It is one of those weeks where it is hard to just concentrate on one of them. In Luke’s gospel we have the entrance of John the Baptist who is the hinge to the salvation story. We also hear an Old Testament reading from the book of Malachi which is the end of the old story. In effect we hear Luke saying: “God told you the Messiah would come. You've had enough indications that the news would be announced when it was time. So, why should you now be surprised with this news?”

Luke lays out the world situation and all the players, those with political and religious power. Then to make things abundantly clear he refers back to the Prophet Isaiah. He wasn’t telling them anything new. Here is the link to the past and the connection to the future.

John the Baptist was simply the courier, the welcomer, the preparer, the reminder, whose message was, and still is, designed to get the people’s attention. His message, the King of Kings is coming! Get yourselves ready.


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